Nor is this a new phenomenon. It's at the root of anti-Black policies going back to Reconstruction. It's long been documented that the wealthy ownership class is the real enemy of working-class Blacks and whites. Their shared economic interests could create a sea-change in their quality of life, as well as their political and social status.

Fearful of this, racist politicians financed by big money realized during Reconstruction that the only way to prevent a social revolution that might reverse the flow of wealth was to sow seeds of racial hatred. Make the white man believe his lot would be better if only those recently freed Black slaves were not taking all the jobs. You can follow this thread into the Tulsa race massacre and the 2016 presidential election.

But you've done so much more in this wonderful piece than touch a nerve. I love the way this essay travels from Greek Mythology, which I love, into a marvelous and insightful discussion of everything that followed, including the impact of social media. I've learned lots here I didn't know before. Thank you for writing it.

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