Thanks or sharing this thoughtful perspective on a subject we outsiders may never fully understand. I admire you for thinking about how the fallout from this interview may affect the children. It sounds like you're going to be a caring and loving mom one of these days.

Reading your piece, I thought about something Oprah used to say on her old TV show. There's a difference between being selfish and "self-ful." Being self-ful means putting on your own oxygen mask before putting on your child's. Because unless you do, the child may not survive the plane crash.

What I hope is that Meghan and Harry were being self-ful. As Michelle Obama told CBS this week, she's praying that healing and forgiveness will enter this situation. So do I. Reading your words here, I feel certain that you do too.

I was midway through Season 4 of The Crown when the H&M interview was broadcast. Though it's a ficitonalized account, the series deals compassionately with all the characters in the Royal Family. Right now, the outside world wants there to be good guys and bad guys. But it's far more complicated than that. I hope Harry & Meghan's children will appreciate their parents and their good intentions when they are old enough to understand all this. Thank you again for writing such a thoughtful piece.

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