Well said. There is a lie men have been telling themselves ever since puberty. I’m not sure how universal it is, but I think plenty of teenage boys managed to have sex by convincing girls they couldn’t help it. That God made them that way. The erection was out of their control, they were in agony, in pain. And only she could help. It wasn’t their fault.

I think of this as a Nixonian lie. The kind you keep repeating to yourself until you believe it’s actually true. And I suppose it creates a false entitlement that accompanies some men into adulthood.

But you’re so right. Just because you have urges doesn’t mean you have to act on them. I enjoyed reading your response and the article you wrote. Thanks for sharing them with me.

Stories from the heart. Tempered by the mind. By an award-winning writer. With a background in talk radio, newspapers & TV news. Novel in progress. jazprose.com

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