Young Mike Pence Meets Frankenstein

A new TV Series features the former VP’s early years — before the monster blew up, forcing him into hiding on the worst day of his life.

Andrew Jazprose Hill
6 min readJun 30, 2022


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It all started after Day 3 of the January 6 Hearings, which turned Mike Pence into an 11th-hour hero during the Capitol Riot. That’s when the big three networks embarked on a frantic race to bring some version of his story to television.

For a while the front-runner appeared to be The Fly Catcher — a series about how the lackluster VP and MAGA yes-man becomes transformed after he’s bitten by a pansexual insect during a televised debate with Kamala Harris.

Pitched as “ Spiderman meets The Fly meets Do the Right Thing, “ the show’s premise turned on the idea that even a robotic human can find the courage to do what’s right when he accepts his place in the Marvel Universe and learns to orgasm.

“This is what today’s 18–49 demographic wants to see,”

said show-runner Rhonda Grimes. “Let’s face it, we’re trying to sell cars and makeup here.”

But that project floundered on ABC when the producers failed to work an interracial romance into the story line. Also, while several actors expressed interest in portraying the fly, no one in Hollywood wanted to play the former Vice President.

NBC tried a Dick Wolf inspired concept called Law & Order: Seditious Activities Unit, but it bit the dust too when Sam Waterston refused to play the lead.

For the time being, it looks like CBS will be first out of the gate this fall with Young Mike Pence, a multi-decade prequel to the January 6th riot, which looks at several seminal events in the Veep’s childhood.

Billed as a reluctant coming-of-age story

Young Mike Pence foreshadows the last-minute heroism during which the former VP finally grew a pair, saving America from a major constitutional crisis and the nation’s first foundational threat to the rule of law in 230 years.

The pilot begins with Caroline Kennedy bestowing the annual Profiles in Courage Award on Mr. Pence, then shifts to Young Mike’s…



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